Jul 10

Bankruptcy is a Tool, Not a Goal (Part 2)

Blog , Client Service

In Part 2, Attorney David Krekeler describes how the Krekeler Strother, S.C. team can help you choose your tool. Clients sometimes refer to me as a bankruptcy lawyer. I quickly point out that I am not a bankruptcy lawyer. They often look at me quizzically and ask, “You’re not?” Their surprise is understandable, because the person […]

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Jul 06

Bankruptcy is a Tool, Not a Goal (Part 1)

Blog , Client Service

Attorney David Krekeler defines the real goal for the legal client. I spend a lot of time meeting clients. The initial conversation almost always begins with a discussion about goals and what the client would like to accomplish. I sometimes refer to this as their “wish list”. Many clients tell me that their goal is […]

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Jun 29

Timing of Tax Attribute Reductions

Blog , Debt Collection

A bankruptcy discharge has many effects and timing is important. The most well-known, of course, is that debts are eliminated and the debtor has no further obligation to pay them. A lesser-known consequence of bankruptcy can be its effect upon a debtor’s future income. The income itself is not directly affected by a bankruptcy, but […]

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Jul 14

How can I discharge the divorce court order that I pay my ex-spouse’s attorney fees?

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The answer depends upon a number of factors.  We know that you cannot discharge any debts arising from a divorce except under Chapter 13.  Using that chapter, a debtor may discharge debts which are not domestic support obligations (DSOs).  Domestic support obligations, generally speaking, are debts which are in the nature of alimony, maintenance, or […]

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May 25

Are preference claims dischargeable in bankruptcy?

Blog , Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Are preference claims dischargeable in bankruptcy? Within the past week, two different people, a lawyer and a client, have asked whether filing bankruptcy will discharge the claim of a bankruptcy trustee for recovery of a preference.  The answer is yes. One of the powers a bankruptcy trustee has is to recover preferences.  Preferences are payments […]

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