Aug 16

Should I go Bankrupt?


No one answer fits all people or all situations.  Like everything else, bankruptcy has both costs and benefits which should be evaluated.  Know the effects of a bankruptcy before proceeding.  There are, though, some fairly common questions which can help you assess whether you should further explore bankruptcy options: Do you only make minimum payments […]

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Aug 12

Gun Trust for Asset Protection

Blog , General Bankruptcy

Asset protection is not just about protecting your home, family heirlooms, and personal wealth.  You may want to consider whether a gun trust would be helpful for protecting your firearms.  Gun trusts are generally used for holding NFA firearms:  Short barrel rifles, short barrel shotguns and suppressors. A gun trust can make it easier to […]

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Jul 29

Debt and Shame

Blog , General Bankruptcy

Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. But both men and women generally feel bad about carrying debt and not being able to pay it.  Most of us are brought up to pay our debts.  Our religious or moral code may reinforce this.  Above all, people feel embarrassed if anyone knows that their debts […]

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May 16

Who Gets the House?

Divorce & Bankruptcy , FAQ

The answer usually depends upon the intent and goals of the couple.  If one spouse wishes to remain in the house, that spouse will have to have the financial capabilities to do so. Refinance or sale is always an option, but it is not always possible to do so.  Typically, a divorce order might order […]

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