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Jun 11

Staying Ahead of Our Clients

Blog , Client Service

This is one of the goals we shoot for in any client matter.  We try to prevent our clients from asking us certain questions, like “what is the status of my matter?” Or, “what is happening in my case?” We encourage our clients to communicate with us, both by phone and e-mail.  We do not […]

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Apr 10

Save Money When Buying Gas

Blog , Client Service

Have some Easter or Memorial Day travel plans coming up? David Krekeler found this interesting. I just read a USA Today article by Nathan Bomey that explains how you can save money by buying your gas on the best days.  In Wisconsin, the best day to buy gas is Tuesday, while the worst or most […]

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Feb 21

Questions to Ask Your Bankruptcy Attorney

Blog , Client Service , Declaring Bankruptcy , General Bankruptcy

David Krekeler reviews excellent questions for your bankruptcy attorney. I am reading Brandon Williams’ book, Millionaire Mindset.  Brandon was a UW Badger and NFL wide receiver who later went through financial adversity and emerged as a successful broadcaster and financial adviser. His book is written for athletes, providing them with guidance and principles to help them […]

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Jan 31

Judgment Interest Rates Are Rising

Blog , General Bankruptcy

Interest rates on civil judgments in Wisconsin is set at 1% plus the prime rate in effect.  The rate is subject to change every 6 months and has been increasing at every change date since July of 2016.  The following chart shows these increases. Rate in effect July 1 – December 31, 2016 4.50% Rate […]

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Oct 10

Should I Get a Credit Card After My Bankruptcy?

Blog , Chapter 11 Bankruptcy , Chapter 12 Bankruptcy , Chapter 13 Bankruptcy , Chapter 7 Bankruptcy , Credit & Credit Scores , General Bankruptcy

Yes, probably. Credit reporting agencies, like TransUnion, advise us that it is good to have a credit card, even a secured card, even if you do not use it. Doing so will increase your credit score. Having a credit card is also important if you are traveling or are anywhere without case. Do not get […]

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