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Apr 10

Save Money When Buying Gas

Client Service

Have some Easter or Memorial Day travel plans coming up? David Krekeler found this interesting. I just read a USA Today article by Nathan Bomey that explains how you can save money by buying your gas on the best days.  In Wisconsin, the best day to buy gas is Tuesday, while the worst or most […]

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Feb 21

Questions to Ask Your Bankruptcy Attorney

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David Krekeler reviews excellent questions for your bankruptcy attorney. I am reading Brandon Williams’ book, Millionaire Mindset.  Brandon was a UW Badger and NFL wide receiver who later went through financial adversity and emerged as a successful broadcaster and financial adviser. His book is written for athletes, providing them with guidance and principles to help them […]

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Aug 10

How Debtors and Creditors Use Proofs of Claim in a Bankruptcy Case

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One of the purposes of bankruptcy is to provide creditors with distributions (made up of the debtor’s assets or income). Creditors must file proofs of claim to receive their share of the distributions. Surprisingly, many creditors do not file proofs of claim, thereby foregoing their shares of the distributions. How Proofs of Claim Work In […]

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Jul 16

How Our Practice Standards Make Us Better

Blog , Client Service

Here at Krekeler Strother S.C., we have established practice standards for much of what we do. We set our standards high, in keeping with our mission to provide unparalleled service to clients. By meeting these standards we are able to assure that every client gets the same level of attention and care. I built my […]

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Jul 10

Bankruptcy is a Tool, Not a Goal (Part 2)

Blog , Client Service

In Part 2, Attorney David Krekeler describes how the Krekeler Strother, S.C. team can help you choose your tool. Clients sometimes refer to me as a bankruptcy lawyer. I quickly point out that I am not a bankruptcy lawyer. They often look at me quizzically and ask, “You’re not?” Their surprise is understandable, because the person […]

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Jul 06

Bankruptcy is a Tool, Not a Goal (Part 1)

Blog , Client Service

Attorney David Krekeler defines the real goal for the legal client. I spend a lot of time meeting clients. The initial conversation almost always begins with a discussion about goals and what the client would like to accomplish. I sometimes refer to this as their “wish list”. Many clients tell me that their goal is […]

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