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Aug 30

Can I Take Out Debt Before Filing Bankruptcy?

FAQ , General Bankruptcy

I attend a lot of seminars and educational programs dealing with bankruptcy and related issues.  Usually the information is valuable to my practice and to my clients, but I recently attended a seminar where an attorney stated to the audience that we should never advise our clients to incur debts while we are planning on […]

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Aug 16

Should I go Bankrupt?


No one answer fits all people or all situations.  Like everything else, bankruptcy has both costs and benefits which should be evaluated.  Know the effects of a bankruptcy before proceeding.  There are, though, some fairly common questions which can help you assess whether you should further explore bankruptcy options: Do you only make minimum payments […]

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May 16

Who Gets the House?

Divorce & Bankruptcy , FAQ

The answer usually depends upon the intent and goals of the couple.  If one spouse wishes to remain in the house, that spouse will have to have the financial capabilities to do so. Refinance or sale is always an option, but it is not always possible to do so.  Typically, a divorce order might order […]

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