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Feb 24

Collecting a Judgment from an LLC

Debt Collection

Not too long ago, an attorney called me on the Lawyer-to-Lawyer directory*. He had recently obtained a judgment for his client against a Limited Liability Company (LLC). The amount of the judgment was $17,000, and he believed the LLC might not have much in the way of assets. His question to me was, “What steps […]

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Feb 18

PPP Prosecutions Begin

Financial Problems , PPP Loans

Last year I predicted that the Department of Justice (DOJ) would be busy prosecuting fraud under the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). A few weeks ago, the DOJ announced its first civil settlement of such fraud claims. The stipulation for settlement sets forth the following basic facts: • SlideBelt Inc. filed for bankruptcy• Eight (8) months […]

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Feb 17

When Collecting Consumer Debts, Federal Law Prohibits the Use of Confusing Communications

Consumer Law Issues , Debt Collection

The Fair Debt Collection Practice Act (FDCPA), prohibits misleading an unsophisticated debtor. An “unsophisticated debtor” is “one who is uninformed, naïve and trusting, but does possess rudimentary knowledge about the financial world, and is wise enough to read collection notices with added care.” When bringing these claims that a debt collector’s communication was misleading, the […]

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Feb 12

Why Did I Create a Corporation (or an LLC)?

Business Debt , Uncategorized

Clients often ask me this question. They were instructed to operate their business as either a corporation or a limited liability company (LLC), and were led to believe that they would not have liability for the debts which the entity might incur. This general statement about limited liability is true, but often no one explains the […]

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Feb 09

Settlement Proposals can be Tricky


A Plaintiff sued a collector under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act for sending him a letter in an effort to collect a debt he claimed he did not owe. The envelope containing the letter revealed a bar code which contained some of the Plaintiff’s personal information. He sued, arguing that the mailing violated the […]

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Jan 22

Client Testimonial

Client Testimonials

“I decided to use your firm after a recommendation by a very trusted attorney in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I was in a situation with a bank that was under investigation and orders by the government to figure out how to cover their past failures, by hunting down all their previous loans. We needed the best […]

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Jan 12

Rights of Contribution


When multiple parties enter into contracts, or are involved in any sort of accident, people are often quick to assert blame against the others involved. If several roommates on a lease vacate early or owe the landlord damages, they often point fingers at each other and want to pay no more than they must. But what […]

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Dec 11

Bankruptcy Successes


We were opposed to government bailouts during the great recession. Bankruptcy works, and we believe the system would have taken care of itself. Our beliefs are bolstered by recent bankruptcy news, in which three well-known debtors have emerged from bankruptcy to hopefully resume profitable operations. California Pizza Kitchen, which has a location in Milwaukee’s Bayshore […]

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