Q: If money is owed to a parent, how is it discharged in ch.7 bankruptcy & can they harass you for payment after discharge?


Feb 03

A: A debt to a parent is no different than a debt to a stranger. it is discharged unless it falls within one of the several exceptions to discharge.

Harassment or other collection efforts after discharge would be grounds for a contempt motion.

Because of the family relationship, I would hope you could avoid bringing such a motion. if you do bring the motion, however, the Court might, but might not, award you your costs and attorney fees.

This question and answer can also be found on Justia’s “Ask A Lawyer” section. Answer was provided by Attorney David Krekeler. https://answers.justia.com/question/2020/01/31/if-money-is-owed-to-a-parent-how-is-it-d-743581

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