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Bankruptcy, Asked and Answered book by J. David Krekeler

Got questions about how bankruptcy works and whether it could help you? Attorney Krekeler’s book Bankruptcy, Asked and Answered has the answers!

This extensive guide provides an in-depth look at the commonly asked questions that Attorney Krekeler has received over his long career as one of Wisconsin’s top bankruptcy attorneys.

Written in a conversational, easy-to-understand style that makes the subject approachable and interesting, this book is a great resource for business owners and consumers struggling with financial difficulties or anyone interested in bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy, Asked and Answered is the definitive book on * Ethics of bankruptcy  * History of bankruptcy  * Bankruptcy and taxes  * Bankruptcy and real estate  * Bankruptcy and divorce  * Fraudulent transfers and other mistakes to avoid  * Chapter 7  * Chapter 11  * Chapter 12  * Chapter 13  * Bankruptcy timelines  * Bankruptcy’s effect on credit scores

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