Mar 19

Loan Modification and How to Get One


I had a client yesterday who is seeking a loanmodification.  Many people do, and we can expect a lot more as a result ofthe coronavirus.  A mortgage loan modification is simply an agreement tochange the original terms of the loan.  This is not the same asrefinancing.  Refinancing means that you are replacing your existingmortgage loan […]

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Mar 11

Liability Protection


Question: People from foreign countries come to visit US and I need to take care of the tour. Hi,I live in Madison ,WI….a group of my friends in foreign countries are planning to come visit me in the future and I need to take care for their tour…just wondering what I should do to avoid any […]

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Mar 02

Slow Foreclosing Lender May Lose Rights

Blog , Foreclosure

We recently came upon a case in which a mortgage borrower had not made a payment in over 15 years.  The lender had taken no action to collect, nor to foreclose its mortgage lien.  When action finally was brought, the borrower asserted that the lender had lost its right to enforce the mortgage. By that […]

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Feb 21

Q: Do bankruptcy lawyers represent incarcerated individuals?

Blog , General Bankruptcy

A: Yes. I have represented a number of clients who were incarcerated at the time. There are a few issues to consider. There may even be advantages to the client by filing while incarcerated. –This question and answer can also be found on Justia’s “Ask A Lawyer” section. Answer was provided by Attorney David Krekeler.

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Feb 05

Forever 21 Files Chapter 11

Blog , Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Forever 21 has filed Chapter 11. The fashion for teen shoppers retailer’s sales were down 20-25%. The company has already announced closings of nearly 180 stores by the end of this year, including the store here in Madison. Forever 21 is another in the list of retailers who have filed bankruptcy this year. Budget retailers […]

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Jan 28

Client Testimonial

Client Testimonials

I just wanted to drop a note to thank Dave Krekeler and associates for the time and attention given to my situation.  My son made a mistake, it almost cost someone their life.  It was a trying time for us as a family.  We knew immediately that we would be vulnerable to financial complications as […]

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