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What clients and colleagues say about us

Client Testimonial

“I decided to use your firm after a recommendation by a very trusted attorney in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I was in a situation with a bank that was under investigation and orders by the government to figure out how to cover their past failures, by hunting down all their previous loans. We needed the best attorney for possible bankruptcy issues.

Your office was very thorough in what we needed to do to defend our assets and also how to respond to the bank that was being investigated. We also were directed and worked with if we did decided that bankruptcy was the only option. As it turned out after quite a while, the bank realized that the amount of evidence we had about their dealings, threats and the fact that their president was corrupt, caused them to just find a way to get out of the issue.

I would definitely recommend your law firm to family, friends and business associates. Your attorneys, staff and total organization is the best group to have in potential bankruptcy issues. I would tell anyone, that your group is one of the few attorney groups that can be totally trusted.

Thank you for keeping me focused on the issue, without charging me for wild goose chases.”

–Sincerely, Michael S.

Client Testimonial

Thank you all so much for your help! You know how to make your clients feel comfortable in a difficult and awkward situation.

-Julie W.

Client Testimonial

You make sure to tell David – thank you, thank you!! He gave me all the right advice!

-Kathleen S.

Client Testimonial

I just wanted to drop a note to thank Dave Krekeler and associates for the time and attention given to my situation.  My son made a mistake, it almost cost someone their life.  It was a trying time for us as a family.  We knew immediately that we would be vulnerable to financial complications as a result of the accident.  Dave always had an attentive ear and helpful guidance through this time.  He was someone I could relate to as well. I can’t thank you enough for the time, consultations and comfort you brought to us in this time.  As a result of having Dave and his team on our side is the only reason that we survived this event financially is my belief.  His knowledge and commitment to our case was the only thing that kept us from losing everything we had worked our whole lives to have.  Being prepared for the aftermath, before the aftermath came helped immensely.  Dave’s timely, knowledgeable responses to opposing attorneys avoided us being involved in a lawsuit and provided the comfort and protection we needed.

Thank you so much!  I now have the proper insurance as well that would help protect myself in the future.  

Forever Grateful

-James E.

Client Testimonial

Sara and I would like to thank you for the excellent work that you and your firm did in representing Sara and I during our past financial hardship. The direction that you took with us proceeding with a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and repayment on secured debt worked out great for us. We were worried about losing our home of over 15 years through a foreclosure that you were able to avoid.

Since completing our plan, we have been able to move forward and restore our credit. Both mine and my wives credit score are now in the high 700, nearly reaching 800 mark. We have been able to replace two of our older vehicles with two late model vehicles at great interest rates due to our credit position and we both have multiple credit cards that we pay off monthly. Things are good.

One of the best things that we have accomplished through taking this action is that our house is now payed off in full. Without your help and advice, we would have lost all the equity we had in the house.

David, we highly recommend your firm and are willing to talk to anyone that wants a firsthand reference on the excellent work you and your firm provided.

-Charlie G.

Attorney Testimonial

A quick note of congratulations on your election as a Fellow of the Wisconsin Law Foundation! Having known you for several years now, I remain impressed with your dedication and your generosity, both for the profession as a whole and for your colleagues. Very well deserved!

– J.A.

Attorney Testimonial

Thank you for another great bankruptcy training for VLP. We appreciate all that you do to support our clients and volunteers.

– Maggie Niebler-Brown, Volunteer Lawyers Project of Wisconsin

Client Testimonial

Awesome experience working with Krekeler Strother SC. (Attorney Krekeler) was great! I am sad that I can’t continue working with them now that I am moving out of state.

    -Scott W.


Client Testimonial

Thank you very much!!!
You are my ONE and ONLY and FAVORITE “kick ass” attorney TEAM!!!

-Christine H. of MFI & MFG LLC, a 20 year customer of Krekeler Strother SC.

Client Testimonial

From my family, we sent our greatest thanks for helping us end this long battle. We can move on with our lives. Your compassion, patience, and competence is beyond appreciated. – J.U.

Client Testimonial

“I was embarrassed the day they took my car from work. Yes, it is my own fault because of my financial mistakes, but nevertheless it hurt. Thank you for the legal advice. It will make a huge difference in my life. It will give me a fresh start if I plan right this time and follow your lead, which I intend to do. My job is going great and once I turn my personal life around I will be able to do even better. God bless, you made my day. B.D.”

Client Testimonial

We really appreciate all the time, research, and help you provided in our case! You did an amazing job and would highly recommend your very professional and empathetic services. An ordeal that was lengthy and very frustrating – due to the credit union – was made bearable because of you! Thank you. – C.T.

Client Testimonial

I appreciate all the work KS has done for me and I will be forever thankful! I would also like to add that your staff has been wonderful to work with. I have always dealt with Liz on the phone when it has come to dealing with my account. She was always great to work with and very pleasant. I have nothing but great things to say about your company and staff. Thank you again for all your help! – K.W.

Client Testimonial

David, I would not have got here without your help! Take care. God bless!
– D.S.


Dear David,

Thank you so much for presenting on VLP’s Bankruptcy Training. We appreciate the knowledge and enthusiasm you bring to each training, and your dedication to our Madison VLP bankruptcy clinic. Thank you!

Sofia & Maggie
Volunteer Lawyers Project
Legal Action of Wisconsin

Partner Testimonial

Dear Attorney David Krekeler,

I am so grateful for your team’s enthusiastic support of the Volunteer Lawyers Project. Our clients are often in dire circumstances and cannot afford representation, and your support and advice can be a financial life saver.

With gratitude and appreciation,

Kristin Hoffschmidt, VLP Coordinator
Legal Action of Wisconsin

Client Testimonial

Thank you. Words can’t express how much I appreciate the help that the team at Krekeler Strother provided to me in order to bring this very stressful chapter of my life to resolution. Many thanks! N.L.    


Client Testimonial

“I had a very favorable experience with Krekeler Strother, S.C. I’m appreciative of the work and am very pleased with my results.” S.O.

Client Testimonial

Hello David,

I almost never thought the day would come that I had my account with the Krekeler law office paid in full. However, today, the final payment came in and the cash is there to cover it. Thanks to you and your staff so much for all your help in getting me to this point!

I hope to not need your services again or at least not for some time to come, but I hope that if I need legal help or advice, I can call on you and your staff in the future.

Thank you again and take care,

Don O.

Client Testimonial

“Dear David,

B. and I would like to thank you for all your help. We truly respect the way we resolved our issues. Please know that you and your firm are held in high regard.

Take care,

B.W. & L.W.”

Client Testimonial

“I would like to thank you and your staff for all the help throughout our bankruptcy, especially Jeff and Liz.  My wife and I were going through some difficult times and we were not sure of our options, you and your staff made us feel at ease with all the information that was given to us.  With your help we have successfully completed our Chapter 13.”

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