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Consumer Rights


Consumer Protection is not an oxymoron. Even if you owe money on a debt, you still deserve to be treated respectfully and fairly by creditors. You also deserve to know the honest truth about debt reorganization and debt management companies and the promises they make. Get the solid truth from the lawyers at Krekeler Law, who aren’t afraid to stick up for consumers who are just looking for a way out of insolvency.

Tax Debt

Tax issues have their own unique procedures to resolve. Ignore them and you could face IRS or Wisconsin Department of Revenue wage garnishments, levies, and liens on property. We do not prepare tax returns but if you owe taxes, we can help. Our Krekeler Law attorneys often do some or all of the following:

Offer in Compromise to settle the amounts that you owe, for less
Installment agreements, to pay your tax debt in a way that you can afford
Cancellation of tax liens
Discharge of tax debts in whole or in part
We can advise how to reduce your chances of facing penalties for inheritances taxes, capital gains taxes, and other types of tax.
Many law firms lack the experience to provide this service, but we have the experience and desire to assist in this field.

Student Loans

Do you need loan advice about your private or public student loans? Reach out to a Krekeler Law attorney and we can discuss your rights and options for repayment and perhaps even loan forgiveness. Financial Aid is important to support a quality education, but it need not be an impossible burden. It’s also a myth that student loans are impossible to eliminate. We defend Student Loan suits and negotiate deals. Learn the truth from one of our attorneys.

Foreclosure Defense

The foreclosure process is set by state law and can be helpful to homeowners trying to save their homes through a loan modification or to walk away gracefully through the process of a short sale or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure. Learn your rights from the early stages of a foreclosure lawsuit until a sheriff’s auction and confirmation of the sale from Krekeler Law attorneys.

We can analyze the paperwork used to sue you and advise you of any defenses you may have.

  • We consider options in mediation or negotiations to address any past due payments.
  • We can help you with obtaining loan modifications
  • We can sometimes force lenders to accept less, or even eliminate 2nd or 3rd mortgages.
  • We can help you with a Short Sale or to Deed your property back to the Lender (including any potential tax consequences you need to be aware of)

Learn your rights before you decide what to do with your residence or investment property.


Did a repo company take your vehicle in the middle of the night for a delinquent car loan? Are you getting threats from your lender or vehicle recovery companies? Talk to a Krekeler Law attorney now to discuss your options on how to keep your car or to arrange a voluntary repossession and turn in a car you no longer desire to maintain. Just like dealing with a house in foreclosure, you should learn your rights and options before deciding how to proceed with a car and its liens.


We Are Here To Help

We are here to provide relief and peace of mind from creditor harassment. Our goal is to help you find a way to salvage an important business, receive a loan modification to save your home, or eliminate debt to start fresh.

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