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We are a debt relief agency. That means one of our focus points is helping people eliminate or restructure to get a fresh start and learn how to get out of debt. At Krekeler Law S.C., you’ll receive the finest bankruptcy advice and learn how to deal with credit cards, payday loans, and other debts. We’ll discuss your goals, gather the facts, and advise you whether you should declare bankruptcy or consider some alternative like debt settlement to improve your credit score and become a smarter consumer.


Chapter 7

The majority of people who file bankruptcy do so under Chapter 7. It is the fastest, easiest, and least expensive form of bankruptcy. The usual result is that all unsecured debts are eliminated, while our clients keep all of their property, including both homes and vehicles.

The entire process usually takes less than 120 days, and our clients never see a judge or courthouse.

Whether you just want to know “What is bankruptcy?” or have filed for bankruptcy relief years ago, we can advise you whether you qualify for Chapter 7 relief and can get out of debt – and whether you should select this option. As experienced Wisconsin bankruptcy lawyers, we can help you declare bankruptcy and explain your post-bankruptcy future, including credit cards and car loans after bankruptcy.


Chapter 13

Chapter 13 is for individuals or couples with regular income. It has unique provisions and relief available to permit our clients to accomplish any number of things, including the following:

  • Keep your home. Under Chapter 13 you may be able to cure your mortgage arrearage, without interest, over a period of up to 5 years.
  • Modify your home mortgage. Chapter 13 in Wisconsin permits debtors to apply for a mediation program. The reported success rate is over 70%.
  • Pay liens, but only up to what the collateral is worth. If your car or equipment loan is under water, paying only the value of the collateral may be a substantial benefit.
  • Protecting co-debtors. Under Chapter 13, co-debtors are often protected from the claims of the creditor while the debtor makes payments over a period of up to 5 years.
  • Stop tax levies and force the tax authorities to accept your payment plan. The plan may be for up to 5 years.

There are numerous other benefits and uses for Chapter 13.


Chapter 11

Businesses can often remain in business, even with financial problems, if they can restructure their debts.

General Motors, Chrysler, Delta, Sbarro, Kmart, Owens Corning, Fuddruckers, and a host of other major American businesses have successfully reorganized. All of them remain in business today, thanks to those successful reorganizations.

Learn more about Chapter 11 bankruptcy


Chapter​ 12

Family farmers are entitled to special relief and benefits under Chapter 12 of the Bankruptcy Code.

Learn more about Chapter 12 bankruptcy



We are not bankruptcy attorneys. We are financial problem solvers who sometimes use bankruptcy as a tool. We recognize that bankruptcy is not always the best option.

We negotiate agreements for our clients, but are mindful of the tax consequences which can arise. We use State of Wisconsin reorganization laws to enable our clients to pay debts over time and without interest.

Are you being harassed by creditors or collection agencies? We stop harassment. We stop lawsuits and garnishments. And we often can do so without filing a bankruptcy case. The Wisconsin Consumer Act and the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act are laws which protect consumers from illegal or unfair debt collection practices. We do not shy away from asserting your claims. You may eliminate the debt or even recover damages, including your attorney fees.


We Are Here To Help

We are here to provide relief and peace of mind from creditor harassment. Our goal is to help you find a way to salvage an important business, receive a loan modification to save your home, or eliminate debt to start fresh.

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