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I just wanted to drop a note to thank Dave Krekeler and associates for the time and attention given to my situation.  My son made a mistake, it almost cost someone their life.  It was a trying time for us as a family.  We knew immediately that we would be vulnerable to financial complications as a result of the accident.  Dave always had an attentive ear and helpful guidance through this time.  He was someone I could relate to as well. I can’t thank you enough for the time, consultations and comfort you brought to us in this time.  As a result of having Dave and his team on our side is the only reason that we survived this event financially is my belief.  His knowledge and commitment to our case was the only thing that kept us from losing everything we had worked our whole lives to have.  Being prepared for the aftermath, before the aftermath came helped immensely.  Dave’s timely, knowledgeable responses to opposing attorneys avoided us being involved in a lawsuit and provided the comfort and protection we needed.

Thank you so much!  I now have the proper insurance as well that would help protect myself in the future.  

Forever Grateful

-James E.


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