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Mar 02

Chapter 13 Requires Income

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

We file a lot of Chapter 13 cases. One of the basic elements or requirements of Chapter 13 is that debtors must have regular income that enables them to pay debts and living expenses. In fact, the heading to the Chapter is titled “Adjustment of Debts of an Individual with Regular Income.” Not long ago the 7th […]

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Feb 12

Why Did I Create a Corporation (or an LLC)?

Business Debt , Uncategorized

Clients often ask me this question. They were instructed to operate their business as either a corporation or a limited liability company (LLC), and were led to believe that they would not have liability for the debts which the entity might incur. This general statement about limited liability is true, but often no one explains the […]

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Oct 05

Accidents are not intentional.


They are unintentional mishaps, usually occurring because of negligence. Negligence claims, such as personal injury suits, can be won if the injured party can prove that the driver who cause the accident, called the tortfeasor, had a duty and breached that duty, which caused the accident and resulted in damages. These elements are usually found […]

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Oct 01

The Changing Face of Agriculture


This past weekend, I went with my family, including my granddaughters, to a Wisconsin apple farm.  The farm sold apples and pumpkins, raspberries and honey, donuts and cider and lots more.  This farm had transitioned away from growing corn and beans to having become a diversified mix of profit centers.  We spent several hours there […]

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Sep 30

Happy Early 15th Birthday, BAPCPA!


“I thought you had to wait six years between Chapter 7 filings.” “What’s credit counseling? I didn’t have to take that the last time I filed.” “What is the means test?” In the last 15 years, we’ve heard these questions and more, and you can thank Congress for this. They passed a law signed by […]

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