Mar 17

Pros and Cons of a 30 Year Mortgage


The pros and cons of a 30-year mortgage loan is a discussion I often have with my clients.  They are often shocked by the amount of interest they will pay over a span of 30 years.  My suggestion, though, is to get the longest possible amortization. The longer the amortization, the lower the required payment.  […]

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Dec 08

Holiday Spending and the Not So Friendly Math

Blog , Debt Collection

A 2014 report on holiday shopping plans and finances found that about 55% of the respondents reported that money was their main source of stress during the holiday season.  Despite this, more than half of those people planned to use their credit cards for holiday shopping, and they plan to spend about as much money […]

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Oct 10

GUEST BLOG: Christopher Columbus, a Risky Venture (by: Gary Krekeler)


Why did Christopher Columbus need financing from a government?  Simple, his plan was risky, too risky for any private individual that had the needed capitol.  He would also need the power that a government could supply to maintain control of lands and goods that he discovered. Christopher Columbus actually began looking for financing long before […]

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Should I go Bankrupt?

Blog , Declaring Bankruptcy , FAQ , General Bankruptcy

No one answer fits all people or all situations.  Like everything else, bankruptcy has both costs and benefits which should be evaluated.  Know the effects of a bankruptcy before proceeding.  There are, though, some fairly common questions which can help you assess whether you should further explore bankruptcy options: Do you only make minimum payments […]

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Aug 12

Gun Trust for Asset Protection

Blog , General Bankruptcy

Asset protection is not just about protecting your home, family heirlooms, and personal wealth.  You may want to consider whether a gun trust would be helpful for protecting your firearms.  Gun trusts are generally used for holding NFA firearms:  Short barrel rifles, short barrel shotguns and suppressors. A gun trust can make it easier to […]

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