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May 21

Question: How should my vehicle ownership be listed on Schedule A/B and as an exemption on Schedule C in Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy , General Bankruptcy

I’m filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy pro se because I cannot afford a lawyer. I am working with a non-profit organization called Upsolve to complete my paperwork, but their help in regards to my vehicle is confusing me. On Schedule A/B under Part 2 (Describe your vehicles) my vehicle’s total value is listed (about $13000). […]

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May 13

Attorneys Provide Essential Services


We may not think about attorneys as people who provide essential services.  They don’t produce food or electricity or keep us happy.  And we have all heard the lawyer jokes.  But legal services are designated as essential services, and many lawyers have essential roles to play in this pandemic.  Attorney Matt Underwood is helping elderly […]

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Apr 28

How to Prepare for the Post-Pandemic Legal World

Blog , Financial Problems

Many lawyers are worried about the future.  They are worried about their practices, which are their businesses, and whether they can survive the current pandemic.  Others are confident that they can keep their practices intact, or at least continue at a reduced level, but are concerned about what the future will look like.  How will […]

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Apr 22

Stay Flexible in Times of Crisis

Blog , General Bankruptcy

When your business or your finances are under pressure, there are always measures that can be taken to help.  We do this all the time for our clients.  But the COVID-19 pandemic presents an unusual situation.  We do not know how long or how severe the outbreak will last.  With no horizon to look to, […]

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Mar 19

Loan Modification and How to Get One


I had a client yesterday who is seeking a loanmodification.  Many people do, and we can expect a lot more as a result ofthe coronavirus.  A mortgage loan modification is simply an agreement tochange the original terms of the loan.  This is not the same asrefinancing.  Refinancing means that you are replacing your existingmortgage loan […]

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Mar 11

Liability Protection


Question: People from foreign countries come to visit US and I need to take care of the tour. Hi,I live in Madison ,WI….a group of my friends in foreign countries are planning to come visit me in the future and I need to take care for their tour…just wondering what I should do to avoid any […]

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Mar 02

Slow Foreclosing Lender May Lose Rights

Blog , Foreclosure

We recently came upon a case in which a mortgage borrower had not made a payment in over 15 years.  The lender had taken no action to collect, nor to foreclose its mortgage lien.  When action finally was brought, the borrower asserted that the lender had lost its right to enforce the mortgage. By that […]

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