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Jan 22

Client Testimonial

Client Testimonials

“I decided to use your firm after a recommendation by a very trusted attorney in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I was in a situation with a bank that was under investigation and orders by the government to figure out how to cover their past failures, by hunting down all their previous loans. We needed the best […]

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Sep 22

Bars and Restaurants Could be Facing Fines…

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy , Chapter 13 Bankruptcy , Financial Problems , General Bankruptcy

What will happen when they file bankruptcy? Dane County is warning bars and restaurants that it will soon be imposing fines for violations of its various health code orders imposed in connection with COVID-19.  Already struggling establishments must now enforce limited capacity orders, mask requirements, and social distancing restrictions.  Many find it is difficult to […]

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Jul 23

Credit Reporting Agencies and Liability of Debts

Blog , Credit & Credit Scores

Credit reporting agencies (CRA) do not determine whether or not you are liable for a debt.  The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) was designed to ensure that credit information is accurate.  Credit reporting agencies are required to investigate any disputes alleged by consumers and to correct any errors if the investigation does not validate the […]

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Jul 16

Expect Apple and Cherry Prices to Rise


Covid-19 has already impacted a lot of commodity prices, due to supply line disruption.  Now add apples and sweet cherries to that list. The Yakima Valley in Washington State is one of our nation’s leading producing areas for these fruits.  Over $1 billion worth of crops is produced each year.  But this year coronavirus is […]

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Jun 25

Move Fast … Because Timing Can Be Everything


A prospective client contacted me and wanted to be able to continue with a foreclosure action against a defendant who had filed bankruptcy.  The client was anxious to move quickly, as he was not receiving his payments under the purchase contract.  As soon as I reviewed the bankruptcy court docket and information, I saw that […]

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Jun 16

Push the Case . . .Or the Case Will Push You


I was speaking with a younger lawyer, who complained to me that her case was not moving as quickly as she would like.  Her client had a claim which she wanted to pursue, and had filed suit, but the court was not moving the case along.  I explained to her that such delays do not […]

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May 21

Question: How should my vehicle ownership be listed on Schedule A/B and as an exemption on Schedule C in Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy , General Bankruptcy

I’m filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy pro se because I cannot afford a lawyer. I am working with a non-profit organization called Upsolve to complete my paperwork, but their help in regards to my vehicle is confusing me. On Schedule A/B under Part 2 (Describe your vehicles) my vehicle’s total value is listed (about $13000). […]

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