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Can I sell my house to my child so that I can stop a foreclosure and continue to live there?

Yes, but your child will still have to pay off the loan.  We have seen a number of situations in which people file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case to stop a foreclosure sale.  The debtor has no ability to make the payments necessary to cure a default and proposes a plan by which the home will be sold to the debtor’s child or children.

The likelihood of getting such a plan confirmed will depend upon the facts of each case.  A purely speculative sale will not likely be sufficient.  Some of the factors which a Court may look at include:

  • Is the sale contingent on financing?
  • Evidence of a buyer’s ability to obtain finance.
  • Specified time within which the offer must be finalized, such as by removal of all contingencies.
  • Is there a set closing date?

Other factors might include the relative position of the lender.  For example, is the value of the property, or the sale price, more than enough to pay the lender in full?  Is the lender adequately protected during the period of time prior to sale?  Can the debtor make payments to the lender during this time?

These situations are decided on a case-by-case basis, so the facts and circumstances will vary and need to be considered.

We have also seen plans proposed in which there is no sale or ready buyer standing by.  Rather, the debtor proposes to list the property or otherwise market it.  In these instances, the chances of success will increase if there are deadlines for the time within which the property will be listed, within which an offer will be received and accepted, and within which the closing will take place.  It will almost always be necessary to continue to insure the property and maintain it during any waiting period.  We find it also helpful to be able during this time, prior to sale, to escrow for real property taxes.

Funding a plan with the sale of assets is rarely easy, but can be accomplished with good planning and by employing a reasonable approach which can be recognized by the Court.


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Vaginal reconstruction withgracilis myocutaneous flaps. Lipid peroxidation and antioxidantstatus in patients with periodontitis. (1999) Disrupted tem-poral lobe connections in semantic dementia. However neurontin 800 mg tablets the repeated measurements inthe baseline make it a substantially stronger design by reducing threats to internal valid-ity. In general, life expec-tancy influences the decision strongly. CHEIs (Reading et al., 2001) and memantine( Larsson et al., 2010) may also be helpful for disturbedsleep. Overall accuracy in recall declines mildly startingafter the age of 50 neurontin 800 mg tablets but in a healthy individual, this is aslowly progressing decline. Postop-eratively neurontin 800 mg tablets while these patients are recovering, sedation contributes to their inability tomaintain a patent airway. Clo-zapine is actually the only drug that has demonstratedefficacy for PD with psychosis neurontin 800 mg tablets but its use is reservedfor those who do not benefit from quetiapine because ofits serious adverse effect profile and the requirement forblood monitoring during therapy.

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In regular users, disul-firam compliance can be determined by testing urine fordiethylamine, a metabolite. Some antioxidantsand restriction of dietary calories have been shown to enhance lifespan in experimentalmodels of ageing. Despitemany similarities and differences in how we and animals defend againstthreat neurontin 800 mg tablets the conduct of dying humans mirrors the dying of all other organiclife forms in one unshakable and unmistakable way: dying always seems tohave a purpose that is surprisingly positive; it is commonly life affirming, lifebuilding, and life enhancing.
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