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Attorney David Krekeler describes the firm’s values. 

A new client met with me regarding his home, which was in foreclosure. During our meeting, I did what I always do, describing options which might be available and explaining how each of those options might affect his goals. In this instance, the goals were to keep his home and to prepare for retirement over the next several years.

We identified about six different options for dealing with the foreclosure, and for each I offered an estimated timetable and budget. I then gave him my recommendations.

The client was surprised. He told me his former attorney did not really offer advice, but instead asked, “What do you want to do?”

I believe this is an all too common approach. Simply giving options without a recommendation may show a lack of willingness to be accountable.

We believe clients should receive timetables and budgets whenever appropriate.

We believe those timetables and budgets should include a cost/benefit analysis whenever possible.

We believe our clients deserve our recommendations about their options and choices.

We believe in giving the reasons behind our recommendations.

We believe in putting all of the above in writing.

So what do you believe? Is there a value or action that we should add to this list? Send us your comments and we will try to improve. Thank you.