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Here at Krekeler Strother S.C., we have established practice standards for much of what we do. We set our standards high, in keeping with our mission to provide unparalleled service to clients.

By meeting these standards we are able to assure that every client gets the same level of attention and care. I built my practice on delivering creative solutions to financial problems and providing better service than my competitors. Every client of our firm should get the same level of service as if I were doing every bit of the work myself.

One of our practice standards is what we call the two-day rule. If an attorney is helping me on a matter that lawyer must consult with me at least two business days before any hearing, conference, or meeting. If a motion, brief, or letter is due, that work product should be done two full business days ahead of time.

This practice standard enables us to improve our work product. Think of how often you have written something one day and find improvements which could be made the next. Think of how often you have sent an email and later wish you had not. The two-day rule enables me to add any input or suggestions.

In effect, this enables our clients to get a second opinion. Second opinions are often valuable. UW Health Cancer Treatment employs a system by which every patient is provided with a second opinion. Even if this second opinion procedure provides a benefit to a patient in only a very small percentage of instances, that benefit is well worth employing a second opinion. We feel the same way.

Many times, indeed, in the majority of instances, I will have nothing to add. This does not mean that we should not adhere to the two-day rule.

In baseball or softball, batters are trained to run-out every hit ball. In the majority of instances, the fielder will make the play, either catching the soft grounder or the pop-fly. But every once in a while the grounder will be muffed or the pop-fly dropped. When that happens the batter is rewarded for having made the effort to run-out the hit.

Our practice standards are similar. They are designed to provide our clients with unparalleled service, exceeding that of other law firms. There may be occasions when adhering to the two-day rule adds nothing. However, it takes virtually no time to do and very little effort to apply these standards. Doing so often results in benefiting our clients. When the client benefits, we benefit. What is good for our clients is good for our firm as an entity.

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