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David Krekeler reviews excellent questions for your bankruptcy attorney.
I am reading Brandon Williams’ book, Millionaire Mindset.  Brandon was a UW Badger and NFL wide receiver who later went through financial adversity and emerged as a successful broadcaster and financial adviser. His book is written for athletes, providing them with guidance and principles to help them achieve financial independence. Any of the principles apply to people of other walks of life.

Brandon discusses how athletes should interview their financial adviser, and offers a list of questions to consider. Many of his questions would apply just as well to people seeking an attorney to assist with financial problems.

I have taken Brandon’s list and posed it as questions that a client should ask a prospective bankruptcy attorney. Here it is:

  1. What should I expect this to cost?
  2. How are your fees determined?
  3. What is your experience working with this type of problem (or client)?
  4. Do you work solo, or do you have a team?
  5. How will you communicate with me?
  6. If I cannot reach you, who should I contact?
  7. Have you ever had any disciplinary actions taken against you?
  8. How do you plan to teach me about this process?
  9. What can I expect the end result to be?
  10. How long will it take to reach that end?
  11. What do you recommend?

These are only the beginning questions. The conversation will undoubtedly lead to others. 

As the interview progresses, evaluate whether your questions are being welcomed and answered. Can your prospective attorney explain complicated matters clearly in a way that you can understand?


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