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This is one of the goals we shoot for in any client matter.  We try to prevent our clients from asking us certain questions, like “what is the status of my matter?” Or, “what is happening in my case?”

We encourage our clients to communicate with us, both by phone and e-mail.  We do not want clients to ask us how their matter is progressing. 

Our practice standard of staying ahead of our clients means we advise our clients early, often, and in advance.  We do not want clients to ask us how their matter is progressing.  We want to have already advised them, and in writing, of the status and the upcoming next events.  We want to provide clients with a date by which they should next hear from us. 

Of course, the unexpected happens in cases.  We do have opponents trying to prevent us from achieving our goals, but as much as possible we want to stay ahead of our clients, to provide certainty and reduce anxiety.

Do you have ideas on how we might better accomplish this? Please let us know or meet me for a free cup of coffee and a bagel.


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